Friday, January 26, 2018

BSX sensor hacking part 2, macros

The previous post described how to start the BSX sensor without the app and of course without a BSX Athletics internet presence(for when they shut down the servers).
The following guide augments the ease with which to do so via the NRF connect macro capability and we will go over the code to turn the sensor off (to conserve battery for example).  Using the macro will let you start your sensor in just a few seconds and very few button clicks.

This assumes you have downloaded and installed the NRF app, sensor is powered on but not flashing leds.

I have both the start and stop macro which are just xml files containing the code and characteristic to write to. Download both, save and place them as noted below

Place the xml files into the following folder structure:


Next, start NRF connect and connect to the Insight


Notice the Red button on the bottom right, press it and the macro choices will pop up.

You will want to press the add macro to install the 2 macros we just downloaded.
So press and a file navigation window will appear. 

Press the file chooser in the Left upper corner, a list of file browsers will appear, then find the macros one at a time (they will be in the macro folder as above)

Choose one, hit ok and it is now added.  Repeat for the BSX off macro as well.

To start the sensor in the future, just take the unit off the cradle (or whack it a few times), open NRF connect, connect to Insight, open the macro screen again by clicking on the lower red button:

Then click the play button next to the macro:

You can then disconnect, back out of the app to kill it.

To stop the sensor, open the app again, reconnect, choose the stop macro and you are done. 

If you want to manually turn off the sensor the code is 040000.