Friday, September 18, 2020

Fractal Correlation Properties of Heart Rate Variability (DFA a1): A New Biomarker for Intensity Distribution in Endurance Exercise

Today our article advocating the potential of DFA a1 as a modality to measure endurance exercise intensity was published in full. The article is fully referenced and self contained.


I would like to thank both Drs. Gronwald and Hoos for the opportunity to be a part of this fascinating project.  

It's been a great learning process for me and very different than the life centered around 30+ years of clinical medicine.  I also want to thank the reviewers, Drs. Mourot, Hupin and Gremeaux who worked with us to make it a better article and added much to it's depth.

There are additional pieces to being worked on concerning the DFA a1 index, and over the coming weeks I may have more to share.  For now here is a listing of prior posts in one place for those interested:


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