Thursday, April 1, 2021

Quick look at someones ramp data

This is a quick and dirty look at a ramp done from data sent to me by a reader. I have no info except this:

I did 4 min steps and increased 10w each step. FTP is about 200, max HR is around 190. I was a bit nervous so HR felt a tad high at the start, then was about right when I hit 200w. 

I do have a fit file with power data and the HRV logger with RR. The artifacts were well below 5%. I did two plots - HR vs DFA a1 and DFA a1/Power over time.

Let's see how they look:

DFA a1 vs HR - this one is easy to do and interpret - simply plot DFA a1 vs HR from a DFA a1 of .5 (or lower) to about 1, in Excel and look at the intersection:

  • HR at the "HRVT" is about 162 bpm

Power calculation can be more difficult - here we need to get the power on the same graph. I did that by synchronizing the timestamps. Then did regression lines for the entire power data, but a regression only for the marked DFA a1:

  • The HRVT is about 175 watts.
  • For those who don't want to do this, find the power for the average heart rate computed in HR vs DFA a1 - they should be close.

HRV Logger:

  •  HRVT HR about 168



  • Good looking ramp
  • HRV logger data was quite close to Kubios

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