Muscle Oxygen Training blog index

Blog Purpose: To discuss the use, benefits, and pitfalls of using a muscle oxygen sensor in both endurance and resistance exercise.  There will be both literature review as well as my anecdotal experience using a BSX sensor.  Since little to no published peer reviewed study has shown significant benefits in training or race performance, the advantage of using a sensor for training/race should not be assumed as a given.  Unfortunately, the manufactures of these units have misleading, unproven assertions as part of their websites and marketing material.
My intention is to provide a more objective look at the usefulness and perhaps even examine other "non advertised"  use case scenarios.
Emphasis on real time performance monitoring will be focused upon.

Topics are listed below as clickable links:

Blog Introduction

Sensor reviews and hacking 

Heart rate monitoring devices:

Weight Training/Rehabilitation


Endurance Related


Usage in Pacing, Training

Sensor usage in Testing and biologic insights

Heart rate variability during dynamic exercise

 Lactate related

 VO2 max related

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